I am, Sounthirarajan Kumarasamy, Founder of Naripa Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, and NG Automobile Engineering, Coimbatore, India. I have invented a Super Sonic IC engine powered by Hydrogen to run any automobile. Supersonic Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Research project is a ten-year effort aimed at designing a Hydrogen automobile engine. This initiative led to the development of a hydrogen-powered IC engine that offers significant advantages in terms of cost and power as compared with other systems. (Patent No; 303500 Date of Patent Grant; 27/11/2018)

Supersonic Hydrogen Fuel Powered Higher Efficiency Engines inbuilt with Dual Source High-Tech Hydrogen Fuel Generator System and it has own capacity to maintain its hydrogen storage level and hydrogen production speed. The current Hydrogen production scenario evolves three major problems such as hydrogen cost, hydrogen storage risk and its transportation. These are the reasons for risk in implementing hydrogen technology globally. Our unique technology uses IC Engine, exhausted heat to produce hydrogen by using high temperature electrolysis method. Supersonic hydrogen  fuel powered  higher efficiency IC engine will run in the aircraft, marine, buses, taxis, two wheeler, three wheeler, and heavy vehicle. This is 99% pollution free patented technology. There is no need of Hydrogen filling station.  No Hydrogen storage Risk. Its fuel cost is 85% cheaper than petrol and diesel. Through the global deployment of our latest high-tech fuel innovation, we will boost the ratio of renewable energy sources, such as carbon free hydrogen fuel power automobile industry, to help achieve a sustainable society.

Our technology will cut off the fossil fuel usage and the government can stop spending on expensive hydrogen fuelling infrastructure. Instead we can easily convert Petrol/Diesel bunk station with slight modification with low cost into distilled water bunk station without changing the current Infrastructure and thus creating cost effective, highly efficient and pollution free fuel energy for the country. To open the new era of a hydrogen society, lowering the price of energy is crucial. Currently 1 kilogram of Hydrogen costs varies from 10-13 USD in global market. But Naripa Motor Corporation can bring the price of Hydrogen cost down to USD 0.50 in global market by 2020. Our business theme revolves around the development of clean tech energy by providing high tech hydrogen fuel powered IC engine technology suitable for all manufacturing industries like Car, Bus ,electricity production, agriculture pump set, automobile industry (Two wheelers, Four wheelers, Heavy vehicles), Aircraft IC Engine and Marine IC Engines.

The Kyoto Protocol was a true landmark agreement, the first when developed countries committed to tangible reductions in their greenhouse gas output. But looking back, the problems that have since beset international climate negotiations were evident then. Remembering the lessons learned two decades ago might help negotiators in the present era, still grappling with an effective international response to global warming. Which might explain why, 20 years later, climate negotiators are still exhausted. But again, there are no effective enforcement mechanisms.

We would like to introduce this revolutionary technology in Kyoto,Japan where the very first agreement has been signed and it will be great if you could participate in our event and extend your valuable contribution in saving our Planet Earth by supporting Hydrogen as Future of Fuel. Naripa Motor Corporation-Japan, Independent Research & Development Company that depends on the substantial support of contributors to introduce our technological revolution in Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan. It helps us to carry out our missionMore Details.....